May 18, 2011

It’s 5:13am in New York, and I’m having trouble falling asleep. I usually have trouble falling asleep, but I’ve got it bad tonight. Well, lately it’s been pretty bad. I’m taking my last law school final on Thursday, and I’m anxious about the future. I’m going to be a tax lawyer. At least that’s the plan, and I’m 99% sure I’ll be in Chicago in the Fall getting a Masters in Law in Taxation (LL.M.). I feel a bit uneasy about the move. It’s only a one year program, but I’ve grown so accustomed to New York these past three years. New York is not the easiest town to live in, but I’ve figured out the City. Moving in Manhattan doesn’t scare me, I’ve done it without movers twice in three years. I know where to pick up UHauls, and I have a group of friends who would spend all day helping me move for Korean BBQ. But Chicago, I don’t have the slightest idea about… anything. I’ve visited before, for a weekend, and I thought it was a pleasant midwestern city. Also known as the “Second City,” I admit that I found Chicago a bit too homogenous for my taste, but not enough to prevent me from sending a $750 check to Northwestern. I’ve heard good things about Northwestern Law and their Tax Program, but it’s another year of school with another years worth of tuition. New furniture, new friends, new city. With the bar exam looming ahead, I think I’m going to use a broker to find a place. I’m not sure where to look, there’s Streeterville, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, River North, etc. These “boroughs” mean nothing to me, I can’t even generalize what they’re like. At least with NYC I can make assumptions about the boroughs (Manhattan = NYU students and Yuppies. BK = WASPy, gentrified, and Biggie? Queens = immigrants. SI = Snooki. Bronx = Hood.).

Hope things work out.


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