May 23, 2011

So I met a few more subletee candidates, all who were interested and not crazy. One of them even offered to pay more than my asking price. He was a summer associate at a NY law firm that pays him 3000 per week, my 1200 per month rent is less than what he makes in 3 days. More money would been nice, but I thought the best subletee would be the Yale Med student. Working on a fellowship at Sloan-Kettering, I imagine he won’t be in my room often. I gave him a chance to match the law student’s offer, and he did, so the apartment is his.

In other news, I started my online bar prep today. Today’s lectures were mainly about what to expect and general advice on how not to go crazy. I have 63 days til the most important exam of my life, so while I’m happy to be graduating, my relief is short lived. However, I look forward to moving back home to study for the bar. Home cooking, In N’ Out, and Mexican food.


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